Kelp 16: Night One with Chris Page and Jim Bryson

May 13th was the first night of Kelp Records turning 16.
With the first night of Kelp 16 it was Jim Bryson and Chris Page with Jill Zmud.
It was a great night for both musicians to play under the same building.
It was very cool to experience and being at the Mayfair Theatre.

Chris Page played first.
Chris Page @ Kelp 16
Played mostly from his album “A Date With A Smoke Machine” which has been reviewed on this site.
Great to hear him play acoustically and electric with just his guitar.
No drums at all and nice that Jill accompanied him.
Loved hearing Slideshows and Hello, Danger Bay.
It was unique to see how short films from the 1950s or 1960s during his set, one was Boredom at Work and second was The Shoplifter.
The Shoplifter film was hilarious because it portrayed how people goes to the means on stealing items.
This one woman steals a shoe buffer under her dress. It was funny and even the audience giggled.
Movie aside, it was great to see Chris Page perform live again.
Chris Page @ Kelp 16

Last it was Jim’s turn to play.
His set was great.
I think he played some new material from the upcoming album which doesn’t drop until September.
The film that was playing during his set was Bill Mason’s “Path Of The Paddle”.
Jim Bryson @ Kelp 16
Played alot of his favorites from Where The Bungalows Roam.
Without Jim Bryson fashion is his great funny banters which is a favorite among his fans.
Forgot the name of the song he played solo which he played solo and didn’t hook his guitar on the amps.
It was so real, powerful and emotions when he sang from the heart.
You could hear a pin drop during that song.
Jim Bryson @ Kelp 16
Loved hearing Clear the Crowds, The Wishes Pile Up and Satellite.
Totally rocked out on Mean Streak if I am correct.

Overall it was absolutely amazing show to kick off Kelp 16.

Rest of the photos.

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