Kelp Records is turning 17 with shows on May 5-7

Ottawa’s Kelp Records is turning 17 this year.
It’s becoming an yearly event for myself to see what Kelp Records has in store for their celebration in the music scene.
This year’s event coincides with CHUO‘s Funding Drive.

Here is blurb for this year’s events (taken from their site).
We’re very excited to announce this year’s KELP 17 lineup, happening May 5-7; lots of changes from the usual, and lots of reunion shows too.
This year we’re throwing the anchor down at the DOM POLSKI SPK for the weekend, with Friday and Saturday night shows, as well as the first ever Kelp Records Flea and Food Market.

The first night is May 5th at the Kichesippi Brewery on 866 Campbell Avenue.
It is the amazing Jim Bryson (no The Weakerthans this time) but with Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers.
The Kelp Records Revue
Opening up is Flecton Big Sky.
Flecton Big Sky @ Pop Montreal's East Meats West
This will be some show to see because it will be held at the Kichesippi Brewery and there will be a tour before the show starts.
Also it’s a delight to see Jim play live with a elaborate crazy band like the Mash Potato Mashers.

The second night is May 6th at the Dom Polski. It is a first of three shows there.
The Acorn @ Barrymores
But this one is special because the Acorn will be playing their first album “The Pink Ghost” in it’s entirety!
This is a must for big Acorn fans and those who won’t be able to see them at the Black Sheep Inn on April 22 and 23.
UPDATE:Recoilers are the headliners while opening up is The Acorn and Andy Swan.
Recoilers will be a surprise for long time fans to see them reunite for this special night.
Andy Swan is a fun to see live too.
Andy Swan @ Kelp Fall Classic

This year the day show on May 7th (Saturday) won’t be held at the Carleton Tavern.
Mostly at the Dom Polski:
Here is a blurb from the Kelp Records Flea and Food Market.
The first annual Kelp Records Flea and Food Market will have everything from gourmet foods to used clothes to records and more.
Greenfield Main will be the entertainment for the afternoon portion.
Doors open at 11am.

The last event on May 7th at Dom Polski.
It’s with Andrew Vincent and The Pirates
They will reunite to perform their classic album, 2003’s summer hitfest “I Love the Modern Way” start to finish. It’s like we’re back at the Hi-Fi. Bahamas! Martha! Jonathan! The house will be shredded. Maybe Tom Werbo will even charge the stage with a cake to the face of AV??? One can only hope.
Opening up will be Camp Radio and The Flaps.
Camp Radio I have seen live and they rock pretty hard live!
Camp Radio @ Kelp 16
They will unveil their new 10-song album CAMPISTA SOCIALISTA, due out this fall on Kelp/Saved by Vinyl. I’ve been told the “Super Camp” contingent will be in tow, starring Jeff Kainz (Werbo) and Jim Bryson on dual duelling axes. Earplugs recomendar ¡señoras y señores!
The Flaps are great live too!
The Flaps @ Kelp 16

You better buy the tickets in advance, since the shows might sell out.
My favorite line is this from Mr.Bartlett:
These shows will likely sell out in advance as in previous years, so don’t be that person arguing with me at the door 10pm the night of the show.
The last few times I showed patience and mercy, but this time, I will be cruel and unjust.

More info go to Kelp Records.

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