Kelp 17: The Flaps, Camp Radio & Andrew Vincent & The Pirates

The last night of Kelp 17 took place at the Dom Polski on May 7, 2011.
It was fun night to close off the celebration.
It was night for one band to reunite for the special occasion.
With acts playing live were:

The Flaps started off the show with their instro-calisthenics music.
A really nice set they put on.

Second was Camp Radio.
They previewed tracks from the upcoming album “Campista Socialista”.
It was a high energetic set!
I always forget that these can totally rock out.

Check out this video

Lastly it was Andrew Vincent and the Pirates.
It was a wonderful reunion.
Played mostly from the album “I Love The Modern Way” (in Stereo).
It was a great show they put on.

Check out this video for Cover It Up.

Lastly it
Here are the rest of the photos.

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