Kyrie Kristmanson – Pagan Love (Review)

In under a year, Ottawa native Kyrie Kristmanson has released two albums.
The latest called Pagan Love.
Album is fused with pop, folk, blues and jazz style.
The whole album is intimate acoustic sounding feel. 
Having a big and loyal Ottawa fanbase and alot of support from the CBC.
No one can be disappointed with this album.

All the 10 songs in this album is written by her.
Amazing for someone in her 20s.

Best tracks on this album are

  • Talk
  • Song X
  • Who
  • Land 
  • Origin of Stars

Favorite one of all has to be Song X, has that jazzy poppy feel and love the drum beats to it.
A unconventional pop tune as she would say.

CD Album Cover
If I rate this, it would be 8.5/10
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