March 26, 2011 show at Mavericks

It had been a long exhausting March 26th.
Before going to this show, I went to a and photographed this conference run by Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Scienes. (Details on here in case some don’t believe me)
I went to Mavericks to see great acts play live.
They were:

Olenka and the Autumn Lovers @ Mavericks
A first time for them to play at Mavericks and a bigger stage.
Surprised that Olenka was an all female line-up.
Apparently they said the guys were lazy to go up to Ottawa or something to that extend.
It was somewhat a first time to hear Mavericks some what quiet (besides the chatty girls) during an folky acoustic set.
Simply a guitar, cello and violin.
Something about Olenka’s music is just amazing to hear live.
Loved hearing Flash In The Pan and Odessa!
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers @ Mavericks
Olenka mentioned about going up to see Parliament Hill and mentioned about Steven Harper about the Arts funding cuts.
People you should look up on who you want to vote on the May Election and what is their stance on arts funding.
Great Bloomers @ MavericksGreat Bloomers @ Mavericks
The Great Bloomers are always great live!
I missed them last month when they played Cafe Dekcuf.
Rocking live as ever.
It’s weird that the last time I saw them live, they have a female keyboardist.
She was back again.
The band is hopefully recording an new album very soon.
Since Lowell mentioned that they already written some demos.
Great Bloomers @ MavericksGreat Bloomers @ Mavericks
I didn’t get get to see Kalle Mattson since it was kind of late and was abit tired today.
Also I didn’t want to miss my bus.
Since it was their CD Release show and it was a big deal.
At least they had their friends and family to show their support in the Ottawa show.

Here are the photos.
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Listen to Odessa by Olenka and the Autumn Lovers
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