Mathieu Charbonneau – Solo Piano

Solo Piano Cover Art
Who's this handsome fellow??

For those not aware of Mathieu Charbonneau‘s talents.
Besides playing in popular bands like Torngat, The Luyas (who are busy on tour at the moment) and Ferriswheel (Please someone get them on a label!).
Check out his work as an solo musician on the piano.

E-Tron Records has released a limited edition cassette tape of Mathieu’s solo work on the piano. You can also download them on here.
It’s six tracks which is all titled Moyenne.
Very impressed with Mathieu’s work on the piano.
I am not for one who listens to classical music often.
But listening to him play is just brilliant.
There is a soothing and calming to them.
Hoping someone that young can pave the way for classical music in the future.
Or get the people of today to appreciate this kind of music.
I’d give Solo Piano 8.5/10.
Listen to Moyenne #1
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