Mauno, Fenster and JK3 @ Irene’s Pub

Wonderful show at Irene’s Pub with Mauno, Fenster and JK3 on November 23, 2018.
Ottawa’s JK3 kicked off the show with some cool jazz funky music.
The drummer Jeff Kingsbury did a funny pre-recorded portion about the band with a monotone voice.
Great way to warm up the crowd. 8/10.
Berlin’s Fenster was second and performed a psych-dream pop set.
Kind of reminded me of Montreal’s Top.
They were really great and this being their first time in Ottawa. 8/10.
Then it was Mauno’s turn to perform and by that time, the place was packed.
I really wanted to see them before 2018 ends.
Previewing some new materials for their upcoming album which doesn’t come out in 2019.
Great set of indie rock music by the Halifax now in Montreal band. 9/10.
Check out the photos.

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