Michael Feuerstack – Time To Burn [Listen]

Today, Montreal musician Michael Feuerstack dropped the single called Time To Burn.
The second single from his upcoming album Harmonize the Moon which comes out on March 5, 2021 via Forward Music Group.
Nice moody indie folk rock track.

About the song:
Though eerily topical, the song’s inception predates the specific existential questions brought on for many by the past year’s surprising events.

“The song is built around a simple but hypnotic sequence that I just couldn’t stop strumming. It felt right and a little unnerving. That’s usually when I know I’ve found a clue for a song. I’ve got a lead. Next thing I know I’m like a crime scene detective unearthing forensic evidence with a little brush,” Feuerstack jokes.

This song, one of the more deeply grooved of the collection which comprises his forthcoming album Harmonize the Moon, hovers around chordal tension anchored with skeletal bass and drums. Working in his Montreal apartment, Feuerstack had to work fast so he wouldn’t hassle the neighbours too much with his ancient marching drum and borrowed snare and mallets. Swirling organ pads and angular electric guitar punctuation sing almost in duet with his voice. All of these elements work together to form a rudimentary scaffold upon which to climb up to a fresh perspective.

Time to Burn gets:

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