MILQ – Summer Again [Listen]

MILQ is an Indie Pop band from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
Summer Again is taken from their debut EP called tired. which is set for release on June 26, 2020.

About the song:
MILQ self-produced each song in the collection.
“Summer Again” embodies a nostalgic vibe sonically, with guitars that enhance the lyrics’ story.
This track almost entirely came together in a single day.
With tired., they have created their first holistic statement as a band.
Most of the songs were written during a short time period in a very organic group environment.
The songs on tired. celebrate their inspirations and display the full breadth of their work, from upbeat synth-pop songs to ambient, soundscape inspired ballads.
As summer approaches, they eagerly await sharing more of the songs on tired. with everyone.
Summer Again gets:

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