Motherhood – Shepherd [Music Video]

New Brunswick-based Avant-rock trio, Motherhood dropped the music video for Shepherd.
The second single is taken from their upcoming album Winded which is out on June 24, 2022 via Halifax-based label Forward Music Group.
A short slow burning summery indie pop rock vibe song.

About the track:
Written with Murakami and Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice in mind, the unnervingly sweet single was one of the very first songs the band started writing for their new album is way back in April 2020 during the initial lockdowns and one of the very last to come together.
Fast and poppy, the band tried to emulate Beach Boys, Tom Waits, and Man Man but in the end, ended up with something that is none of those things… or maybe all of those things?

“I kept picturing someone walking through the halls of a motel, with shag carpet and cigarette smoke,” explains Motherhood member Penelope Stevens. “The demo was originally called Creepy Motel, for that reason, even though the song ended up being about sheep.
We spent a long time playing with major and minor transitions, taking inspiration from the Marty Robbin’s Gunfighter Ballads and old westerns.
Then Brydon (Crain, singer) wrote the verses and chord progression, and we battled it all out until basically the night before we went into the studio. For being such a hard-won song, it ended up being one of our collective favourites, for sure.”

Shepherd gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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