No Filter – April 24, 2023

Have a listen to No Filter on CHUO 89.1 FM for April 24, 2023.

Andy Shauf – Wasted on You / Catch Your Eye / Telephone from Norm

Andy Shauf – Twist Your Ankle from The Party

Marina Allen – Superreality from Centrifcs. Both are playing the Bronson Centre this Friday.

Qattuu – Don’t Give Up from Midnight Sun

JER – Broken

Joyce N’sana – Obosso from the EP of the same name. All three plus Jessy Lindsay and Tamar Ilana & Ventanas are performing at AxeWorldfest’s Empowering Women in the Music Industry taking place this Saturday at the NAC.

Stars – If I Never See London Again (Joseph Shabason Remix) from the deluxe edition of From Capelton Hill.

Sufjan Stevens, Timo Andres & Conor Hanick – Ekstasis from Reflections which comes out on May 19th.

Casey MQ – I Got a Bike (feat. Cecile Believe)

Mega Bog – Cactus People from End of Everything which comes out on May 19th.

Joy Anonymous – Joy (404)

God’s Mom – Piccola Lina

Odonis Odonis – Beast (feat. TOBACCO) from ICON EP which comes out on June 9th.

Rachika Nayar – Breaking Lillac from Fragments (Expanded)

Nico Paulo – Intro, Dream from the self-titled album.

Top 5 Songs of the week.

1. Pantayo – One More Latch (Give It To ‘Ya) (*) [1]

2. Mother Tongues – A Heart Beating (1) [2]

3. OMBIIGIZI – Back at Me [feat. Peter Dreimanis] (2) [2]

4. Luka Kuplowsky – The Spirits Are Busy (4) [2]

5. Tough Age – Give It A Day (*) [1]

Leith Ross – Music Box from To Learn, More which comes out on May 19th. Playing Bronson Centre on June 9th.

Ivytide – please don’t sugarcoat it from the EP of the same name.

The Breeders – Divine Hammer from Last Splash

Elastica – Stutter from their self-titled album

Bodywash – Sterilizer from I Held The Shape While I Could

Louise Burns – Element from the album of the same name.

Bernice – Second Judy from Crusin’ which comes out this Friday.

Jungle – Candle Flame (feat. Erick the Architect) from Volcano which comes out on August 11th.

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