Nutrients – Nauseous [Music Video]

Today the Toronto-based group Nutrients dropped the music video for Nauseous.
The second single is taken from their upcoming album called Different Bridges on August 5, 2022 via Earth Libraries.
A moody easy breezy dance pop tune that feels of summery nostalgia.

About the track:
“Nauseous” dials up on the band’s elastic guitar lines and smouldering vocal melodies, marrying them with an off-kilter dance-pop aesthetic but without every fully departing their emo-adjacent indie-rock sound that draws inspiration from the likes of Haircut 100, Steely Dan and China Crisis. Sonically, the track spotlights Teeple and Ciobanu’s falsetto while further incorporating the smooth sax of Emily Steinwell and airtight percussion of Juan Carlos Medrano.

Speaking about the single, Teeple says: “Nauseous was influenced by 90’s dance-pop, which can be heard in the bass and keyboard parts, but also 80’s Japanese city pop, which can be heard in the sax and guitar performances. The vocals are a blend of Taylor and Iulia’s falsettos. For the singing during the main sax riff, we had an inter-band challenge of who could write the best melodic addition, and Iulia ended up winning with her lowkey but dramatic “ouououous”. Definitely one of our most technically demanding songs in order to play it as tight as it sounds on the album.”

Nauseous gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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