NXNE: Final Thoughts

Finally done editing the photos from NXNE.
These four days being in Toronto were fun for myself.
I never experience such a great live music scene there.
Compared to Ottawa, Toronto totally blows us out of the water.

I got to meet some interesting people who got media passes and wondering who they were covering for.
Also people who weren’t on the media were very nice and commenting on how I was at this and that show taking photos.
People who I met were:
Garry Tasconas
Matthew Filipowich
The Singing Lamb
Marine Gobert
Ryan O’Shaughnessy
Frank Yang
If I forgot to mentioned anyone please make a comment.

I didn’t get to see the ones I wanted to see at the festival.
Like No Age, The Black Lips, Great Bloomers, The Darcys, Mika Miko, Japanther, Charles Sperin & The Happiness Project, some of the acts from Ottawa and many more.
While the ones I got to see are covered on this blog.

There were alot of things to do.
I didn’t get time to see any of the films and the conferences held at NXNE.

My input to NXNE is they should do a bike rental for those like myself who don’t have access to a car and its more environmentally friendly and saves on cash.
Taxi is very costly. I read that Pop Montreal is going to be doing bike rentals for this year’s festival.

Overall it was a great first experience to attend NXNE.
I wish some of my Ottawa friends could have attended this.

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