OMBIIGIZI – Residential Military [Music Video]

New collaboration alert!!
Today the Toronto/London ON acts of Daniel Monkman’s Zoon and Adam Sturgeon’s Status/Non Status announce their new band called OMBIIGIZI which is pronounced om-BEE-ga-ZAY.
They dropped the artsy music video for Residential Military.
The lead single is taken from their upcoming debut album Sewn Back Together which comes out on February 10, 2022 via Arts & Crafts.
A 90s alterna-poppy vibe with undertone and heavy lyrics about Indigenous issues kind of track.

About the track:
“Residential Military” is guttural and unadorned, swirling art rock a la Murray Street era Sonic Youth that ambles from brash, kinetic verses, to bursts of radiant liquid melody in the choruses.

“Birch bark canoe paddles onto the freeway / No turn signal, how to switch lanes?” A story of Adam’s desire to connect traditions in a modern world, the song responds to Canada’s current reckoning with its history of military industrial and residential school systems by introducing a concept that Adam describes as Indigenous Futurisms which “finding the past to picture a future which is not always so easy here and now.” Summoning life and creation in place of anguish, “Residential Military” is a clash of catharsis, and a resonant image of personal reconciliation, interpreted live and in the moment.

Residential Military gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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