Opening Reception for Skate Fast, Die Punk @ Ottawa Art Gallery [October 6, 2016]

Skate Fast, Die Punk held their opening reception on October 6, 2016 at Ottawa Art Gallery’s rental space.


Combining Ben Jensen’s Way Bad illustrations and Imogen Reid’s photographs, SKATE FAST, DIE PUNK! , explores similar ideas through the artists’ distinct styles and experiences.


Jensen’s illustrations represent some of his biggest influences: skateboarding, punk rock, tattoos, graffiti and rap. A fixture in the local skateboarding community, Jensen has done work for Vans, Raised By Wolves, his local skate shop (Antique) and bands such as Ratking, Crusades and Career Suicide. While his illustrations, mostly involving beer and pizza, inspire juvenile delinquency the world over, they are also at times unreservedly political.


Similarly, Reid’s photographs offer a glimpse into our local punk scene, where she can often be found at punk festivals and local shows, diving right into the fray to get a picture. While her photographs may seem less politically inclined on the surface, they explore her relationship to the punk scene and how she moves through it as a trans woman. Rather than a documentation of the scene itself, Reid considers the photographs a record of her life in transition.


Their collaboration in SKATE FAST, DIE PUNK! uncovers similarities between the subversive skateboard and punk countercultures in Ottawa.


Skate Fast, Die Punk runs until October 23, 2016.

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