Ottawa Rock Lottery 2013 @ Mavericks [May 18, 2013]

The fifth annual Ottawa Rock Lottery 2013 took place at Mavericks on May 18th.
In case you don’t know, here is a blurb on the event.
25 musicians from all different genres and bands.
5 bands determined by randomly pulling names out of a very stylish hat.
24 hrs to create a 20 – 30 minute set of all original music.
1 night only.
Proceeds went to local charity organization The Ottawa Food Bank.
This being in it’s fifth year.
I have to say it was the best Rock Lotto in Ottawa’s music scene.
The five bands were:
• But I Don’t Want To Be A Pirate
Ottawa Rock Lottery 2013
• Sextadeth
Ottawa Rock Lottery 2013
• Black Usher
Ottawa Rock Lottery 2013
• Slow Dance Chubbies
Ottawa Rock Lottery 2013
• Nicholas Cage in Con Air
Ottawa Rock Lottery 2013

The event was hosted by CBC Radio 1‘s Bandwidth Amanda Putz
All five bands were actually good.
There was no trainwrecks.
Fun entertainment and the audience was getting into the music!
Ottawa Rock Lottery 2013
Here are the rest of the photos.

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