Ottawa’s Writers Festival’s Random Play @ Ottawa Little Theatre [October 13, 2016]

Ottawa’s Writers Festival hosted a wonderful event called Random Play which was hosted by CBC Radio 1’s All in a Day‘s Alan Neal.
The premise for Random Play (in it’s third year) is Alan takes his i-pod, of over 16,000 songs of folk, pop, rap, jazz, rock, soul, showtunes and superhero children’s stories…
And put it on “random”.
He picked the first 10 songs that came up and made it his job to find out everything that he can about how those songs came to be and analyze what messages are in the music.
This year’s edition had Amos the Transparent,Rich Aucoin, Tanika Charles, Hannah Georgas, Kaïa Kater, Lynn Miles and two members of the 1960s group The Children.

2016 Ottawa Writers Festival's Random Play
From the song that was random on Alan’s iPod it was We’re All Slaves to the Two-Four from Rich Aucoin’s Over The Top LP. That song was 56 seconds but he performed I Want to Believe on the piano and sounded so great.
2016 Ottawa Writers Festival's Random Play
Hanna was absolutely amazing!
2016 Ottawa Writers Festival's Random Play
Kaia did a banjo version of Diana Ross and The Supreme’s Keep an Eye.
2016 Ottawa Writers Festival's Random Play
At the end, all the artist did an Aquaman play. Rich was Aquaman.

Overall it was a wonderful evening of great music and incredible stories about the songs Alan picked out and did some digging and interviewing.
Click below for more photos.
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