Pallmer – Bricks [Music Video]

Pallmer is a Chamber Orchestra Pop duo from New Brunswick.
The track is taken from their upcoming EP called Quiet Clapping which comes out on April 9, 2021
Bricks is a mesmerizing and calming track of intimate indie chamber pop tune with just the vocals and strings.

About the track:
“‘Bricks’ is one of the most intimate songs they have written,” said Pallmer’s Emily Kennedy (she/her). “Although the majority of her writing is very personal, she has a tendency to try to hide behind vagueness and metaphor. Acknowledging this, she wanted to challenge herself which is to be open, and to step back from layers of looped strings to something more bareboned and honest.”

Kennedy (cello, vocals) and Mark Kleyn (viola) had performed with each other in classical ensembles for several years before delving into their own writing as Pallmer. With “Bricks,” the duo embrace minimalism for sake of clarity.

“This is a love song, but not a flourished, romanticized one,” said Kennedy.
“It’s about the beauty of building something together, of growing together, and holding each other up. It’s a short tune – only seven lines – but each one holds a lot of meaning for me.”

Bricks gets:

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