The Lovely Feathers with The Love Machine and Oceans

On March 8th I went down to Mavericks to see three bands play.
They were:

Usually Monday night shows aren’t as popular because people spend alot of money on the weekend, and for some people, it’s the beginning of the work week. This show was one of the rare ones where it didn’t feel like a Monday night – there were lots of people there and it was great!

The first band to play was Oceans, who are a new Ottawa band.
I reviewed their first show a few months ago – which was at the Rainbow Bistro – and this time they sounded great and they’ve since added a fourth member. Their sound was indie pop-rock and they had some instrumental parts. Great band to see live.

Up next was the Love Machine, who put on a great show as always. I’ve seen them alot, so now I know most of the words to their songs, which is fun. They sang mostly new material from their long-anticipated upcoming album. I’m not sure when it will be out, but I will make sure to post the date when I hear. They’re great to see live as well because they always bring lots of fun to their set.

Lastly it was the Lovely Feathers; I’ve never seen them play a whole set but was happy I got to see them last night. Last time I saw them play was in the summer at the IHeartMusic Festival, and I had to leave after two songs.

They put on a great and energetic set – they blew me away. This is definitely a band you have to see live.

Overall it was a wonderful Monday night.
Photos from the Lovely Feathers are on Aux’s New Music site.
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