Scary Bear Soundtrack – Asian Fetishist [Music Video]

Asian Fetishist single cover art
I just want to feature this band for “Asian Solidarity”.
It’s been awhile since I last heard from Ottawa’s indie pop act Scary Bear Soundtrack.
Mostly due to the lead singer Gloria Song was working abroad in Africa.
Today they drop the music video for Asian Fetishist.
It’s a cute DIY music video with some underlining social commentary in the lyrics.

The song is free to download on their Bandcamp.

Here is a blurb about the single.
The music video was produced by band members and sisters Gloria Guns and Esther Song.
Esther created colourful paper dolls which were filmed in stop motion by Gloria in their Ottawa home.
The Scary Bear Soundtrack song pokes fun at subtle racism against Asian-Canadians, composing a list of odd stereotypical pick up lines often used on Asian-Canadian women.
Scary Bear Soundtrack @ Babylon Nightclub
“It’s sort of a response to an excellent Jezebel article I read online about hipster racism,” explains Gloria, the singer and guitarist of Scary Bear Soundtrack.
“It talks about how a lot of people think that it’s okay to make racist jokes because they assume it’s understood that they’re being ironic.
But sometimes racism is racism, and we get tired of these jokes, even if the joker believes himself or herself to be enlightened. And contrary to what some folks think, it’s actually not that flattering to have creepy guys hit on you because they have a big fetish for Asians.
Women generally like to be appreciated for their intelligence, personality, and beauty, and not solely on the basis of their skin colour.”
Scary Bear Soundtrack @ OFW 2011
Asian Fetishist was recorded in Gloria’s bedroom while she was working on human rights issues in Windhoek, Namibia.
“Race issues were especially prevalent in post-apartheidNamibia,” Gloria notes, “and so I spent a lot of time thinking about identity, both as a Canadian and a woman of Korean descent.”
The song was recorded using a guitar that Gloria had bought from a Namibian pawn shop, a melodica, and a toy keyboard purchased from the local dollar store – all of which were stolen soon after the recording.
Luckily, the recording was saved.

Don’t forget this.
“4in1″ Live in an Ottawa Park
Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Dundonald Park
Acoustic show with FEVERS, Jenna Tenn-Yuk and Ari Abrams
Facebook event here
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