Scenic Route To Alaska – Time For Yourself [Streaming]

Edmonton band Scenic Route to Alaska dropped their long awaited sixth album called Time For Yourself
Ten tracks of 90s rock and psych-alternative music.

About the album:
This album traverses over a raging river of mixed emotions.
From love songs to longing, contemplative angst and heartbreak, they take you on an introspective journey without making you question your entire existence…. unless you want to.

Their sixth release was self-produced with Colin Stewart (New Pornographers, Dan Mangan, Yukon Blonde, Sleepy Sun) and recorded in two separate sessions.
They slept in the studio for the entire process and focused all of our energy and emotions into making the record as honest and approachable as possible.

Their song of the same name, “Time For Yourself,” is about breaking down old habits and stubborn barriers in order to show yourself some love and self-care. Listen on YouTube ✷ Spotify now.

“Time For Yourself” is a bit of an ode to ’90s garage rock with a pinch of grunge and finished off with a lifetime of listening to The Beatles. A borderline sassy rock and roll tune you’ll have stuck in your head on your way out the door.

Time For Yourself gets:

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