Show Review: Kinetic Stereokids

Kinetic Stereokids @ Avant Garde BarFriday night was a interesting night.
Besides myself not going to Montreal to see Animal Collective (More like half of Ottawa went to see them).
I went to two different shows in two different places.
One being at the Avant Garde Bar, the band I went to see was Kinetic Stereokids.
The band has one member from Chicago and the other member from Flint, Michigan.
Their style of music is indie experimental electronica.
Apparently they didn’t start at around 8pm because the band was coming back from Montreal.
So they were going to play at 11:30pm but I got to tell them that I had to go to another show, so they moved it to 10:30pm.
Overall I enjoyed their set despite not alot of people there except for those waiting for the sitar band “Snakecharmers” to play.
Also it was just the two of them, don’t know what happened to their other band members.
Hope they will come back soon to Ottawa and have more people attending their shows.
More photos click here.

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