Show Review: Ennuie CD Release

Last night I went to the Avant Garde Bar to attend Ennuie‘s CD Release party.
It was also a going away party for one of the members Iva.
Nice to see familar friends who attended this show.
Greg Dreaver
The first act was Greg Dreaver and he was a poetry person.
He mostly did a reading of one of his poems. 

Alex Maltby @ Avant Garde BarAfter him was Alex Maltby, he is one of the members of Fire Heats Water.
Mostly him doing a solo set, just him and his guitar.
Very mellow, acoustic electric guitar set and sort of intimate. 
Sang a Fire Heats Water track, which was stripped down.
It was a nice performance by Alex Maltby. 
Alex Maltby @ Avant Garde Bar

Ennuie @ Avant Garde BarFinally it was Ennuie’s turn to come up the stage.
They just got the crowds going with their blend of pop-dance-glitch-rock music.
I was surprised that people crammed near the stage and had a great time.
Less room for me to take photos.
Of course they were promoting their full CD called “The Lady and The Unicorn”.
Wild and crazy set the duo put.
Favorite part was they did a cover of Whigfield’s Saturday Night.
That was a highlight.
Favorite has to be “Pirate Dance Party” which everyone *if they could* dance around.
Ennuie @ Avant Garde Bar
Overall I haven’t been to Avant Garde that packed since like last year when I attended FOUND Magazine’s show.

Go get Ennuie’s album The Lady and the Unicorn, very fun and unique album.
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