Shred Kelly, Loon Choir and Peas & Carrots @ Mavericks [February 17, 2015]

Wonderful Tuesday night at Mavericks filled with folk, pop and alternative music.
Acts that played were Shred Kelly, Loon Choir and Peas & Carrots.
Shred Kelly @ Mavericks
BC’s Shred Kelly got everyone on their feet with their banjo folk poppin’ music.
The band is promoting their third album “Sing To The Night”.
Definitely the band put on a stellar show and I couldn’t help myself dance to their music.
Shred Kelly @ Mavericks
Ottawa’s Loon Choir was the second band to play.
It’s been awhile since I last saw them.
This time as a 9-piece and some new members.
The band previewed new materials which sounds very promising and old tracks from Fire Poems.
Derek was very animated on stage, probably doing some performance piece to liven up the show.
Loon Choir @ Mavericks
Ottawa’s Peas & Carrots began the show.
Samantha played her catchy and nice folk pop music.
Peas & Carrots @ Mavericks
Definitely a nice night of music.
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