Silly Kissers – Precious Necklace (Review)

Late night typing up this review.
Finally I have the time to write up about Montreal’s Silly Kissers.
Ever since Spin Magazine named them one of Montreal’s up and coming bands at Pop Montreal in 2009.
They have been doing well for themselves.
Having missed out their showcase at this year’s Pop Montreal.
I was more intrigue about them and heard what they sound like.
People will be divided on them, you either like or dislike their kind of music.
I’ve completely fallen in love with their music.
For those that don’t know, their music is new wave lo-fo dance pop.
More of a 1980s influence when you listen to tracks of:

  • Mine R U Mine
  • You Could Even Like Me
  • Sweet Adrian

Having seen them live in Ottawa on May 1, 2010.
I will honest about the show lacked some vibe but I forgot about it and made it like a private show for myself.
But if you see them live in Montreal, the vibe will be ten times better.

Being an 80s child, there is something about their music I really love.
I want to re-live those days where everything was bright colours, independence was empowering and the music was bigger than itself.
That is what Precious Necklace is.
This EP was dropped on February 14, 2010.
It is filled with 1980s nostalgic sound and gets you dancing and singing to their tunes.
Something the track Sweet Adrian, it reminds me of a 1980s teen movie or a John Hughes movie that has that kind angst to it.
Great dancing tracks too.

Best tracks:

Things can’t stand the same forever.
During my time at Pop Montreal, I happened to talk to two people at Arbutus Records at the Record Sales show.
They sort of mentioned that they are going to step it up and change abit of direction in their music.

I really want this band to succeed.
Definitely one of the catchiest and poppy record in 2010.
Hope they will come back to Ottawa?
I’d give Precious Necklace 10/10.
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