Siskiyou – Siskiyou [Review]

Just was listening to this album by Siskiyou.
Siskiyou is mostly made up of Colin Huebert and Erik Arnesen.
Colin is the mastermind of Siskiyou with Erik helping him out.
For those that may not know that Colin was in Great Lake Swimmers while Erik is still in the band.
The self titled album was recorded by Huebert inside stairwells, bathrooms, hotel rooms, and on beaches and rooftops in the greater Vancouver area.*
Just wanted to get a sense of what this album sounds like considering the band will be playing in Ottawa on March 9th at Cafe Dekcuf.

The album is consist of thirteen tracks.
Majority range from the 1-3 minute mark.
While one track Big Sur is about 7 minutes long.
I actually like this album and its very similar to Great Lake Swimmers but with a lo-fi appeal.
It is a beautiful album to listen and it has this organic feel to it.
If you like Great Lake Swimmers or anything acoustic folk, this is something to check out.

Best tracks:

  • Funeral Song
  • Everything I Have
  • Hold It In
  • Pull It Away
  • This Land
  • Never Ever Ever Ever Again
  • Big Sur

I’d this album 8/10.
Don’t forget to see Siskiyou live on March 9th at Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa.
For more info check out the Facebook event.
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