Snowblink and EONS @ Raw Sugar Cafe – March 16, 2011

Had a lovely evening at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Went to see:

I was very excited to see Snowblink because their album Long Live was re-release on Out Of This Spark for a wide Canadian release and Fire Records for USA and Europe.

EONS was the first set to go on.
They are made up of Matt and Misha of Bruce Peninsula.
The music was acoustic folk.
I always forgot that Matt can sing really well.
Mostly because the music of Bruce Peninsula is loud and intense.
With EONS you get to see the softer of Matt and Misha’s singing abilities.
A really great set.
EONS @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Before their set I got to interview EONS.
Have a listen.
Snowblink @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Snowblink was finally up.
They had the lights off for their set.
It was brilliant hearing Daniela and Dan sing.
Without Snowblink fashion, they got the audience to participate in ringing the bells during Rut & Nuzzle.
They did a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s State Trooper (?). It was just WOW!
They did play some new tracks.
But it was amazing hearing Ambergris was just amazing.
Dan doing the whistling.
Totally enjoyed their set!
Snowblink @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Before their set, I got to interview Dan and Daniela of Snowblink.
Have a listen.

It was nice for EONS and Snowblink to give a dedication to Neil Haverty of Bruce Peninsula.
Who is recovering from chemo.
They mentioned in January that the whole Toronto music community to do a benefit.
Hearing about it got me all teary eyed and right now Neil is doing really well at the moment.

Here are the photos
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