Sound Of Lions – Good Night Bad Weather

Photo by: Jamie Kronick

Sound Of Lions is a Ottawa band which shockingly enough haven’t seen them live yet.
Happened to know about them when I attended the OIFF’s Music Video Challenge.
They submitted their music video “Passive Attack”.
Now the band just released their EP called “Good Night Bad Weather”.
The EP is free to download.

Here is the info on Sound of Lions:
Sound of Lions is a new Canadian duet consisting of singer-songwriter Whitney von Del and producer/emcee Z.Z.Bot. Their sound is indie-pop with influences in hip-hop, rock and soul.
The foundation of SOL’s music is characterized by blending catchy, sometimes haunting vocals with electronic mid-tempo beats that stick to your ribs.
The music presents cinematic appeal, featuring layers of moody verses with heartfelt expression and thoughtful, sophisticated hooks.
The band is further distinguished by their collaborations with multi-talented musicians who provide unexpected instrumental components on the tracks.
Strings, bass and electric guitar are featured effortlessly throughout, producing a unique sound exclusive to SOL.

It seems the duo (aka Sound of Lions 1.0) upgraded to five members (aka Sound of Lions 2.0).

Upon listening to “Good Night Bad Weather”, they had this funky soul sound to them.
Reminisced to early Massive Attack’s Blue Lines-era.
I actually enjoy the three tracks they have released.
If you like the chillax funky sound, check them out.

Listen to:

I’d give this EP 8/10.

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