Sunday Workshops @ Ottawa Folk Festival 2011

Sirens and Strings with Basia Bulat and Madison Violet @ Ottawa Folk Festival 2011
Sunday was the last day for the Ottawa Folk Festival.
The weather changed from hot to cold due to the incoming of Hurricane Irene.
Luckily it didn’t hit Ottawa but gutted parts of the USA.
Mostly it was cool and windy.
People braved the weather and came out to the workshops that happened at the festival.

The workshops I attended were:

  • Intro to Harmonica
  • Intro to Harmonica @ Ottawa Folk Festival

  • Cigar Box Guitar
  • Cigar Box Guitar @ Ottawa Folk Festival 2011

  • My Home Town
  • My Home Town with Steve Poltz and The Rural Alberta Advantage @ Ottawa Folk Festival 2011

  • Sirens and Strings
  • Sirens and Strings with Basia Bulat and Madison Violet @ Ottawa Folk Festival 2011

  • Interview with Sean McCann (Great Big Sea)
  • The Write Way
  • Interview with Thurston Moore
  • Thurston Moore (Interview) @ Ottawa Folk Festival 2011

I went to the introduction to Harmonica, since Catriona was teaching it.
It was a pretty fun workshop understanding the basics on playing the harmonica.
It will take alot of practicing if I want to play it.
I didn’t know whoever was at that workshop can keep the harmonica.

Caught abit of the cigar box guitar with TJ Wheeler.
It was interesting to see how you can use a box and make it into a guitar.

My Home Town was another great singer-songwriter workshop.
It was Steve Poltz and The Rural Alberta Advantage.
Originally it was suppose to be Nils but they changed it to the whole band.
They sang about songs from their hometowns.
I didn’t know that Steve Poltz when looking up at my brother’s Blackberry that he worked with Jewel during “Pieces of Me” era.
He was in the music video for “You Were Meant for Me”.
I was like no way but I really wanted to ask about Jewel but it would be wrong to ask.

Sirens and Strings was another great one.
It had Madison Violet and Basia Bulat.
It was about the instruments these artist play.
Basia played her charango and autoharp.
While Madison Violet had alot of guitars with them.
Love that workshop.

The Write Way was very packed.
Mostly because of Serena Ryder and possibly Jimmy Rankin

Interview with Thurston Moore which was another great one.
Joe Reilly was interviewing him and it was great hearing stories about his music and Sonic Youth’s music.
I did asked him about Juno and he mentioned it was their first time they licensed one of their songs.
Also a first for a gold records (shipments of 500,000 copies).
He said he liked the film despite being dissed in it.

Overall it was a great time check out these workshops at the Folk Festival.
Here are the rest of the photos.
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