Teledrome – Teledrome [Review]

This should be under: “Why did I not check out this album before?”.
I happened to buy this album from now the defunct Mammoth Cave Recording Co on the weekend because there was some buzz/murmurs surrounding it when it came out in 2014.
I’m talking about Calgary’s Teledrome‘s self-titled album.
This is an album I wasn’t expecting!
For an album that came out in 2014, it just brings you to a timewarp to the 1980s where synthpop and new wave ruled the airwaves.
Beats and rhythm is very vibrant.
One of those records that gets you dancing!
A totally late great find which sounds awesome on vinyl!

Best tracks:

  • Boyfriend
  • Dial Tone
  • Ultra Instant
  • New Motion
  • Antenna
  • Parallel
  • Robot
  • Golden Dawn

I’d give Teledrome 8/10.

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