The 6th Ottawa Community Record Show on April 22, 2012

All you vinyl junkies or music collectors.
Don’t forget April 22, 2012.
Its the 6th Ottawa Community Record Show.
I haven’t been to this in quite some time.
Hopefully I can make it out.
The details is all on the picture.

Here is a review from the first edition.
This time I will try to budget considering what I just spent on Record Store Day 2012.
It starts from 11am to 4pm at St. Anthony’s Hall, 523 St. Anthony St. (near Preston and the 417)… Admission is $3 and its good for the whole family.

More info or contact who is running it just click here (Yes I know the website is kind of outdated).
Or contact Dave Aarvark if you are a vendor and want to sell off your collection of vinyls.
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