The Neighbourhood Watch – Focus Up [Listen]

Toronto band The Neighbourhood Watch dropped their single called Focus Up.
A very heavy indie alterna-rock tune about growing up and dealing with grown up stuff.

About the song:
They make music about growing up and with “Focus Up,” they have learned that age can make someone ruthless.
It can be difficult to keep friendships intact as we grow.
With more responsibility, comes the need to make more selfish decisions.
“Focus Up” was written after their best friend made a choice that broke his heart.
I don’t blame him though.
He had to do what was right for him.
Their favourite lyric is the second line: “Listening to John and you.”
They were talking about listening to John Coltrane and their friend’s SoundCloud in one whiskey-fueled listening session.
It reminds them of him, and Montreal.
The song is higher energy.
It’ll help you pick up the pace.
It’s great for walking or biking through Montreal on a grey day. It’ll help you get where you’re going.

Musically, they were definitely trying something new.
So much of how they create power in their music is with a big vocal performance in the chorus.
They went down a different track this time.
They threw a bunch of vocal layers under Tristan’s voice, and brought the energy up with some horns.
The band had a fun foray into raising the stakes in terms of their production, not just songwriting.
“Focus Up” was the natural first single for their upcoming album.
It’s easy to play and they have fun with it.
They started every band practice with it because this song gave them confidence and got them into the music. Hopefully it’ll do the same for you.

Focus Up gets:

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