The Rural Alberta Advantage, Great Bloomers and Winchester Warm @ Zaphods

November 12th was a indie folk rock night at Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Playing at the packed show were:
The Rural Alberta Advantage
Great Bloomers
Winchester Warm

This was my second time seeing The Rural Alberta Advantage and Great Bloomers.
It has been a great year for The RAA.
Finally that a show at Zaphods has been packed.
It was a very night seeing all three bands play live in Ottawa.

The first band was Winchester Warm.
No need for any introduction since I’ve seen them several times when they play live in Ottawa.
Played some new tracks and news that their new album will be out in February 2010.
It was a great set for those loving the indie acoustic rock fans.

The second band was Great Bloomers.
I was glad they played to a bigger crowd.
Great Bloomers @ Zaphods
Last month they were in Ottawa, there wasn’t alot of people attending for them.
This time was a improvement for them.
By that the time they were on stage, more people started to show mostly because people wanted to see The Rural Alberta Advantage.
Great for them and people who there enjoyed their music.
Great Bloomers @ Zaphods
After RAA ended I went to talk to the members and this person bought their album and said they enjoyed their set.
Lowell had trouble saying Rural Alberta Advantage which was funny.

Lastly it was The Rural Alberta Advantage.
People started to crowd up near the stage and noticing alot of people.
Began with a new song (took the setlist) and it was into the tracks from Hometown.
People went insane when they started singing.
Half-way through the set, Nils was by himself and sang the cover of “Eye of the Tiger”.
Its becoming a staple for them to sing that cover.
Forget that their songs are very short.
The new songs they sang was North Star(?)
Don’t Haunt This Place just was heaven hearing it live.
With Zaphods having a 11pm curfew for their shows and having to be a club dance night afterwards.
Favorite was hearing the audience saying they should sing more songs and screw the curfew.
Couldn’t help danced to Don’t Haunt This Place, Drain This Blood, Sleep All Day and The Dethbridge in Lethbridge.
It was well worth seeing them live again.
Before the show, I did a interview with the band with Shawn of Great Bloomers
Its about 20 minutes and I asked about their music, touring, Ottawa and other stuff.

Not in the interview I asked them who is connected to Ohbijou which was Nils who is friends with Anissa.
Also asked what they did in New York City and Amy said she bought a belt in the SoHo area and there is a market where you can buy clothes by young designers.
The Rural Alberta Advantage @ ZaphodsThe Rural Alberta Advantage @ ZaphodsThe Rural Alberta Advantage @ Zaphods
Here is what they sang:

  • New song
  • Rush Apart
  • The Ballad Of the RAA
  • Don’t Haunt This Place
  • Luciana
  • Frank, AB
  • Eye Of The Tiger
  • Four Night Rider
  • Drain The Blood
  • In The Summertime
  • Edmonton
  • The Deadroads
  • North Star
  • Sleep All Day
  • The Dethbridge in Lethbridge

Great show on November 12th.
For those not in Ottawa you have to see them.

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