Vincat and The Girlfriends @ 443 Kent St

October 8th after going to the media launch of Fashion Cures.
I went to a houseshow and playing were:
Listen to the interview I did with them.
Vincat @ 443 Kent St
The Girlfriends
The Girlfriends @ 443 Kent St

Overall it was a crazy houseshow which sort of played abit late.
Considering the show was suppose to start around 8pm.
Show actually started at 10pm.
First time the houseshow was played down in the basement.
Cool basement show.

First act was Vincat from Vancouver.
Coming from their Pop Montreal.
I was surprised with their set, thought they would be indie poppy rock.
They were not and it was a loud crazy rocking show.
Loved how they did the visual lights.
A great band to see live.

Second was The Girlfriends.
Ottawa band and their music was very loud and crazy.
Interesting setup since the lead singer was wearing a mask.
Just say the lead singer kept taking off his clothes and almost dropping to his boxers.
Overall a crazy set.

So that was my night of interesting music.

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