We Were Sharks – Bring Me Down [Music Video]

Didn’t know this band is from Ottawa and probably miss alot of their shows (Who knew 😛 ).
Pop-punk group We Were Sharks dropped their music video & single for “Bring Me Down” via Known Accomplice.
High octane banger of a track to get through this winter blues.

About the song:
On the new single, guitarist Jason Mooney shares, “Bring Me Down” is about a toxic person who injects themselves into your life, they try to be overly genuine when it’s so clear that they have a hidden agenda. Sometimes, it can be tough facing a person and calling them out for how they’re actually seen. Sometimes that person doesn’t even realize the negative impact they’re having on someone and “Bring Me Down” pulls back the curtain, becomes the call-out and tell’s this person that the charade is over.”

Mooney further explains, “The idea behind the ‘Bring Me Down’ music video was to bring in the new year with some laughs and some lighthearted pokes at the overzealous evangelical ‘healing magic’ powers. We all have problems that are definitely not solved by a simple palm to the forehead or whip of a jacket to absolve you of your woes. We decided to take it a step further and create the music video such that I was the empowered worship leader/healer, magically healing everyone around me (confidently).

Bring Me Down gets:

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