Record Store Day 2011: What I Bought

RSD 2011 date
Happy Record Store Day!!
Hope those who went to every local record stores got what you wanted.
Like last year’s Record Store Day, my first stop was at Vertigo Records in Ottawa.
I got there and four people were already in line.
Then around 9:30am the line got longer and from what I heard it was like about 50 people were there.
It was a jungle when the Vertigo Records opened at 10am.
I rushed as fast as I can to get what I wanted to get.
Overall it was a mere 15 minutes in the store.
Here is a list of what I bought.

Caribou – Swim Remixes [Only 1000 copies were made]
Listen to Jamelia (Gold Panda Remix) (via)

Death Cab For Cutie [I heard Vertigo might have had three copies. Mostly a sampler of the new album coming in May.]

Kate Bush – Hounds of Love (Collector’s Edition) [the most expensive of what I bought, just for the four songs and it’s a pink vinyl. Only 1000 copies were made & limited to one copy per customer]

The Luyas/Twin Sister [Just love the cover!]
Listen to Twin Sister – Meet The Frownies

Mumford & Sons / Laura Marling [Was curious about this one since Mumford & Sons are on it]

Fleet FoxesHelplessness Blues (via)/Grown Ocean single. [Since the album got leaked, considering it’s the only song I like in the album so why not buy it]

Villagers/Charlotte Gainsburg [This one had 500 copies made, so I had to get this one!]
Listen to Memoir (via)

Warpaint – Undertow/Warpaint [Forgot that was out and I love the song Undertow. The 7″ is blue]
Subpop Sampler:


[Surprised when looking into my bag that I received this! Which is totally amazing!]
Here is the tracklisting

  1. Dark Road (Daniel Martin Moore)
  2. Tio Sam (Aurelio)
  3. On the Corner (The Twilight Singers)
  4. Slight Domestic (Mogwai)
  5. Do What You Will (Papercuts)
  6. Wrong Feels Right (Dum Dum Girls)
  7. Not Enough (J Mascis)
  8. You Gotta Lose (Obits)
  9. Try to Sleep (Low)
  10. No One to Let You Down (The Head and the Heart)
  11. Maybe Baby (Blitzen Trapper)
  12. Deer Knives (Lower Dens)
  13. Helplessness Blues (Fleet Foxes)
  14. Peace on the Rise (Chad Van Gaalen)
  15. lost foundling (Shabazz Palaces)
  16. Sleep Patterns (Memoryhouse)
  17. Mister Heavenly (Mister Heavenly)
  18. The Fox (Niki & the Dove)
  19. Shadow (Blouse)

That comes to an end for Record Store Day 2011.
Somehow I wonder, this event can’t really help save the music industry. What can?

Tell me what you items you got?
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  1. Heather

    Pfft. I spent around $160 at Vertigo and I didn’t get a free CD. Just a turntable mat or something with their store logo all over it.

    Also the sale thing was total bullshit. They advertised 15% off but everything had like a 20% markup on it. The only good thing about going there was the fact that they got like 30x as many items delivered as the other stores I checked out.

    But then, Vertigo sold out of Hormoaning in about ten seconds flat, and Legend still had it at 1 PM.

  2. Post
    Ming Wu

    That’s good that you went elsewhere.
    At least Vertigo is trying to get the balling rolling on what they get in releases.
    Not sure how Compact Music and Record Shaap faired this year?

  3. Heather

    There were a bunch of people in Record Shaap when I went. They had several things Vertigo didn’t get in, as well.

    Vertigo is alright but the sale thing was underhanded. I guess they can afford to be underhanded with patronage like that. Compact were doing 10% off but their prices were quite a bit better before discount. Unfortunately they didn’t really have anything I wanted.

  4. Post
    Ming Wu

    Like which releases at the Record Shaap? Kicking myself for not getting Panda Bear.
    I heard from someone that there wasn’t alot of people at Compact Music.
    After leaving Vertigo, I went to CD Warehouse to see Ron Sexsmith for free and got a poster signed.
    Photos for that will be up very soon.

  5. Heather

    I don’t know how many copies there were originally but for example there was one copy of the Xiu Xiu / Deerhoof 7″ at that time which I bought promptly. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have that at Vertigo?

    I thought about going to CD Warehouse but I was just out of energy.

  6. Post

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