WHOOP-Szo, I Smell Blood and Baberaham Lincoln @ Raw Sugar Cafe [October 22, 2015]

Second show of the night was at Raw Sugar Cafe which was pretty rocking!
Right now until October 25th is CHUO 89.1 FM‘s funding drive.
The goal is to raise $20,000 to complete their website.
Helping for this funding drive is Debaser which is a show on Tuesday on the radio.
Performing at the show was WHOOP-SZO, I Smell Blood, Baberaham Lincoln and everett.
WHOOP-SZO @ Raw Sugar Cafe
WHOOP-Szo performed an awesome noise experimental rock set.
Their music was inspired by their time up in the north.A
Adam of the band was very happy to be performing in Ottawa.
I Smell Blood @ Raw Sugar Cafe
I Smell Blood was totally insane with their loud instrumental rock music.
Lots of whipping of the hair and head bangers.
Raw Sugar Cafe hadn’t been that lively in quite a long time!
Baberaham Lincoln @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Ottawa’s Baberaham Lincoln performed a great grunge garage rock set.
They are getting better each time they are performing, minus taking awhile to set up.
Still waiting for an EP or some sort of more recorded materials.
Everett @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Arrived and caught half-way of Ottawa’s Everett’s set.
They are a noise punk synth band whose music is about female/POC empowerment.
Overall it was a great show.
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