Vinyl Me Please Edition of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid

After 28 days, November’s Vinyl Me Please arrived on my doorstep.
With the month ending I wasn’t pleased with the lateness but it’s a album that I didn’t want either.
It is Black Sabbath‘s second album Paranoid.
Here is the details:

  • 140g, purple + white marbled vinyl
  • Sourced from the original analog tapes
  • Mastered by Kevin Gray
  • 12” x 12” art print by Pacific Northwest artist Tim Manthey
  • Custom cocktail recipe

Here is the fun part, want to win this album?
All you have to do is comment with your name, email and be living in Ottawa.
Answer this quesiton, “What makes you paranoid?”
One lucky Ottawa winner will get this album!
Contest ends on December 3rd
Good luck and again Ottawa only.


  1. Adam

    Dreaming that I’m on Planet Caravan at the Electric Funeral for Iron Man, after the mighty War Pigs fed him that deadly Hand of Doom of a Rat Salad, all while chanting “Faries Wear Boots”, makes me Paranoid.

  2. Paul

    Stephen Harper. If that doesn’t define paranoia in Ottawa, then I don’t know what does (yes, I realize there was an election recently, but hey…).

  3. Chris

    Seeing Ming holding an expensive camera in the middle of a wild mosh pit with bodies flying all around him makes me paranoid.

  4. Joe

    I get paranoid when I’m about to leave to get the bus. HAVE I MISSED IT? IS IT LATE? AM I FORGETTING SOMETHING? WILL THE BUS BE FULL??????

    Also I like this album a lot.

  5. Jon Hynes

    Ironically the song Paranoid makes me Paranoid because what is a pop song doing on that record. So odd. So lovely. So paranoid.

  6. Lidija Rozitis

    caylie stole my first choice!!!
    second choice: camera flashes are hella paranoid inducing. fyi.

  7. Griffin

    Not backing up my computer and phone makes me paranoid. It’s like stepping outside your door completely naked and totally susceptible to the dangers and viruses of the world! After extensive research I have found only one way to cure my delusions: Owning a copy of this record.

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