Young Rival – LP (Review)

There is some great acts coming out from Hamilton.
One being Matt Paxton, The Arkells and Huron.
Either the music scene in Hamilton is amazing or the kids are very bored and are making music.
Now comes Young Rival.
I’ve seen Young Rival live in Ottawa on October 23, 2008 which they were a four-piece band.
On April 13, 2010 they finally dropped their long awaited full-length album simply called “LP“.
Now the newly incarnation is a three piece band and the album is simply wonderful.
For those who had their debut EP you should definitely get this album.

Its filled with great rocking eleven tunes.
Listening to the whole album, its like stepping back in the good old day of “cool Britannia rock of the 1960s”.
There is alot of that British influence in their music.
I can’t stop listening to LP.
Its fun, catchy and accessibly for those hearing them for the first time.

Best tracks:

  • Got What You Need
  • [audio:]
  • The Ocean
  • Ghost In The Park
  • T-Shirt & Shorts
  • Don’t Make A Sound
  • Just Can’t Stay Here
  • Authentic/A Few Things Left

Simply a kick-ass album!
If I rate this, it would be 8.5/10.
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