2010 Hottest Bands in Canada (My Top 10)

Again I participated in “i(heart)music” hottest band/musician poll.
This is their sixth year while this is my second time doing this.
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For those that want to cheer or jeer. Please make a comment.
Here is my top 10 for 2010 who is considered the hottest.

Top 10ArtistIheartmusic's ranking
1Arcade Fire1
3Basia Bulat14
4The Acorn22
5Diamond Rings2
9Tokyo Police*
10Rich Aucoin13

  1. Arcade Fire
  2. Arcade Fire @ Osheaga
    Listen to Rococo

  3. Karkwa
  4. Karkwa @ Metropolis
    Listen to Dors Dans Mon Sang

  5. Basia Bulat
  6. Basia Bulat @ Live Lounge Main Stage
    Listen to Go On

  7. The Acorn
  8. The Acorn @ Ottawa Folk Festival 2010
    Listen to Bobcat Goldwraith

  9. Diamond Rings
  10. Diamond Rings @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire
    Listen to Something Else

  11. Caribou
  12. Caribou @ Babylon
    Listen to Sun (Midland Re-Edit)

  13. Stars
  14. Stars @ Bluesfest
    Listen to Dead Hearts

  15. Shad
  16. Shad on Canada Day
    Listen to Yaa I Get It!

  17. Tokyo Police Club
  18. No photos I took of them this year. But I did love their album “Champ”.
    Listen to Boots Of Danger (Wait Up)

  19. Rich Aucoin
  20. Rich Aucoin @ Live Lounge Main Stage

Listen to Push
Its no suprise that Arcade Fire is #1 this year.
At least five of the acts I picked made it in the Top 10.
Only one didn’t make it in the list. (Which is a shame).
2010 was a interesting year.
Here my picks from:

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