5 Questions to Luke of The Dirty Nil!

Last night I was at House of Targ for a Junofest with The Dirty Nil.
So I happened to ask Luke Bentham the lead singer for some quick questions.
Here is what I asked and just say the answers are very funny.

1. You had a remarkable 2016 with the release of No Weaknesses. What was the best memories you had last year?

Watching our friends puke at the Air Canada Centre.

2. Since the Juno Awards is this Sunday. You are nominated for Best Breakthrough, if you happen to win who would you be thanking?

Did I leave the oven on?

3. You’re playing House of Targ, how excited are you guys?

Fucking pumped for pinball and perogies.

4. I guess so far in 2017, you are releasing the compilation of your previous EPs and 7″. What made you decided to do it?

FUY and the other Singles have been out of print for a while so we decided to compile them and give the children what they want.

5. What can we expect down the road, later this year??

New dates, music, tricks, star shirts to the power of infinity.

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