Absolutely Free – How To Paint Clouds [Music Video]

Today, Toronto band Absolutely Free dropped the music video for How To Paint Clouds.
The leading single is taken from their long awaited album in 7 years called Aftertouch which comes out on September 24, 2021 via Boiled Records.
A epic psych-pop dreamy new wave kind of vibe and the music video brings the cloudiness to the track.

About the track:
“How To Paint Clouds” is accompanied by an AI video in which an algorithm built from 2000 internet-sourced paintings of clouds teaches a computer to create its own original paintings of clouds.

“Although there are unimaginable forces at play in developing a cloud, or in creating art, all we are able to look for is another face in the sky, a mirror looking back at us,” the band reflects.

“A cloud always looks like something other than a cloud.”

How To Paint Clouds gets:

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