Absolutely Free, WTCHS and Scattered Clouds @ Le Temporaire [May 23, 2015]

Here are the photos from the show I went on May 23, 2015.
Went down to Le Temporaire for a show that I really want to attend.
Playing at the show was Absolutely Free, WTCHS and Scattered Clouds.
Absolutely Free @ Le Temporaire
I hadn’t seen Toronto’s Absolutely Free since they play the same venue like last year.
Finally it was great to see them since they hadn’t done like a album release in the Ottawa/Hull/Gatineau area.
They had a cool visual set up.
Great hearing them play Beneath The Air, Window of Time and Vision’s live.
There were some people dancing their art-psych-rock music.
Absolutely Free @ Le Temporaire
The second band to play was Hamilton’s WTCHS.
Another band that I was excited to see.
Let’s say they probably played the loudest set at the venue.
It was so intensely loud that some people had to leave or move to the back.
Word has it that their full-length album won’t be out until next year.

The first band to play was Scattered Cloud.
Having seen them a couple weeks ago at the Record Centre.
They put on a brilliant love show.
Still promoting the album The First Empire.
Surprising enough alot of people came to see them perform.

It was an awesome show!
Click below for more photos.

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