adam brian paul – Moving On [Listen]

Cool to see more Asian acts coming out in 2020.
This is an artist you should check out.
adam brian paul who hailed from Vancouver, the Hong Kong-born now Montreal-based musician dropped the leading single called Moving On.
The track is taken from the debut EP called wait, the path never ends? which comes out on December 4, 2020.
Nice refreshing dreamy bedroom alterna-pop tune.
Guitar struming part reminds me of Japanese Breakfast’s Everybody Wants To Love You!

About the song:
“this song really was the start of it all for me. I was going through an immense change in my life when I wrote this and it helped me process everything that was going on.

It was also the very first song I wrote/produced/sang on. The guitar riff came first and was inspired by a Roland Jazz Chorus on a snowy day in Vancouver. The lyrics wrote themselves and it all happened really organically.”

Moving On gets:

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