Edwin Raphael – Mild Sanity (feat. Juletta) [Listen]

Montreal musician Edwin Raphael dropped the single Mild Sanity featuring Juletta via Dine Alone Records.
Stunning dreamy atmospheric sensual pop track which feels very much like something a-la Rhye.

About the song:
Deeply absorbing and incredibly cathartic all at once, Edwin’s languid vocals and atmospheric melodies take listeners’ minds outside the cruelties of the world’s relentless wreckage. “Mild Sanity” is also elevated by NYC pop singer-songwriter Juletta’s ethereal cadence.

“As with every new day, the earth revolves the same, you live things a little like yesterday, you leave a little space for the hopes of something riveting but it’s rare. But every so often you stumble upon that day where everything is nothing like you knew before. You see colors you’ve never seen before; you stare at the same ceiling but it gives you an entire cosmos today.”

Mild Sanity gets:

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