Albert Hammond Jr. – Spooky Couch

This song has been on rotation (for I don’t even know how many weeks now) and sofar is becoming a great study companion! I just wanted to share it with all of you if you haven’t heard it already. Out of all of the solo efforts and side projects that have derrived from The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr.‘s stuff is probably my favorite. It’s an instrumental from his second album Como Te Llama.
Oh yeah, check that out – it’s great.
While you’re at it, have a listen to his debut Yours To Keep.
Actually just go on an Albert Hammond Jr. listening spree – it’s worth it!


  1. Emily

    Albert Hammond, Jr.’s side stuff is my favorite, too. This is also one of my favorite songs of his. That, and “Holiday,” off of his first album.

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