Aidan Knight and We Are The City at Algonquin College’s Observatory

Seems that lately, Ottawa has been invaded by British Columbians!
I went to a free show on March 9th at Algonquin College’s Observatory.

Playing there were:

I was very anxious to see Aidan Knight’s live show because I had already heard and reviewed his album Versicolour.
It was my first time both hearing While We Are The City and seeing them live.

Aidan Knight was up first. I thought it would be just him with a guitar or playing the piano, but We Are The City played with him. He rocked out during his set and it was amazing.

Here is the interview I did with Aidan. Just to let you know, the interview is about 25 minutes long.

We Are The City played and they were amazing. They were promoting their album “In a Quiet World“. There was something fun and energetic about them.
Here’s me interviewing one of the members of We Are The City.

Despite the fact that they played at a college venue who is picky about ID’s, and the fact that there was only a small turnout, both musicians were really great to see live, and I can see them both becoming very popular. There is something about BC musicians doing really well in the Ontario market.
Hopefully next time they will play at a better Ottawa venue.

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