Andrew Vincent – Diane/D.I.A.N.E. (Review)

Finally Andrew Vincent dropped the EP on December 14th simply called Diane/D.I.A.N.E.
Why I am excited about this?
D.I.A.N.E. was first played at Kelp 16 showcase in the Mayfair Theatre and he wowed the audience with his rap/hip-hop skills.
Andrew is very daring doing the song on wooing a girl named Diane, all about things Canadiana and even about Ottawa.
With a indie rock style, flavoured with rap/hip-hop.
He got alot of help on the track from Shayne Cox on drums, Jim Bryson & Jon Bartlett on organ, Andy Swan on bass and backing vocal, Rolf Klausener on backing vocal, Miche Jette on backing vocal and Howie Tsui, Colin Vincent on hype

While the non-rap track Diane is a rock track.
Which I remember that he sang it like a karaoke like style since he had no backing band at the Kelp 16 showcase.

You just have to listen to D.I.A.N.E.

I’d give Diane 8/10 and D.I.A.N.E 10/10.
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