Best of 2010: Canadian Albums (#31-#40)

Here is another installment of the best of 2010 Canadian albums.
So many great albums out in 2010.
There are two 2010 Polaris Music Prize nominated album and two from Ottawa in this list.
This time its from #31-#40.
Hope you will like who is in this list.
Don’t forget to check out their music.

  1. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (II)

  2. A change from their debut album and its more of a trancey epic sound.
    Listen to Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith)(via. I Guess I’m Floating) , Celestica and Baptism

  3. The Besnard LakesThe Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night

  4. A 2010 Polaris Music Prize nominated album.
    The album is more atmospheric, epic and spacious.
    Listen to Albatross and And This Is What We Call Progress

  5. Radio RadioBelmundo Regal
  6. Radio Radio - Belmundo Regal
    A 2010 Polaris Music Prize nominated album. Arcadian Hip-Hop at its best?
    If you like the mix of English and French together.
    Listen to Ej savais pas mieux and 9 Piece Luggage Set

  7. Rah Rah – Breaking Hearts

  8. A follow up record to Going Steady from the Regina band.
    The theme about your heart being broken in a relationship can show that the band is good at writing music.
    Listen to Ghosts and Arrows

  9. The New PornographersTogether

  10. I really love this album which is upbeat and great rocking tunes. A step up from Challengers!
    Listen to Crash Years and Your Hands (Together)

  11. Wolf ParadeExpo 86

  12. This is the first Wolf Parade album that I actually like.
    Listen to Yulia and Cave-O-Sapien

  13. Hannah Georgas – This Is It

  14. Brilliant singer/songwriter from BC.
    Listen to Bang Bang You’re Dead and Chit Chat

  15. We Fled CairoAdult Braces

  16. Ottawa’s We Fled Cairo released a new album which is filled with great indie post-rock tracks.
    Listen to Derivative and Awkward Boner

  17. Chris PageA Date With A Smoke Machine

  18. Ottawa’s Chris Page released a gem of a album.
    Its just him and a guitar.
    Listen to Slideshows and Two Twenty Twos.

  19. Pat JordacheFuture Songs

  20. This is one crazy experimental album coming from ex-Sister Suvi and Island member.
    Listen to get IT and gold BOUND

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