Andrew Vincent – Keep It That Way [EP Review] + Ottawa show April 9th

Keep It That Way (ep) Cover Art
I feel like such a newb when it comes to Andrew Vincent (aka AV).
First time seeing him live was in 2009 at Pop Montreal.
Wasn’t until 2010 I really appreciated and attended his live shows.
I would have liked to call him “Ottawa’s best kep secret” until he moved to Toronto. 😛

Finally on April 5th he will drop a new EP called Keep It That Way.
It is six tracks of great indie rock tunes.
With help from Jim Bryson, Andy Swan, Jenny Mitchell, Shayne Cox, Jon Bartlett and Andy Magoffin.
Kind of disappointed he didn’t put in the “Folk-Rap” of D.I.A.N.E.
But there is a track called Diane in it but totally different.

All I have to say is that he totally rocks out in tracks in Ambassador Bridge (which reminds me of Chris Page when he rocks out), Keep It That Way and Needs Improvement.
While there are slower rock tracks in Hi Lo, Diane and London Glory.
Really good songwriting AV does on the EP.
Totally enjoyed this EP filled with great guitar hooks and catchy lyrics.

Best tracks:

  • Ambassador Bridge
  • Keep It That Way
  • London Glory
  • Needs Improvement

The EP is available on Bandcamp and iTunes for $3.99.
Also AV will be doing a tour called “Keep It That Way Tour” which you can buy a copy in person, either in CD format, or the deluxe 4-song 7″ edition put out by Saved by Vinyl, which includes a download code for the whole EP and here are the dates.

have a listen to Keep It That Way and Hi Lo.

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